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This page contains information on relevant changes and updates related to the course Scientific Visualization, Fall 2012.

Note that the room and time for the witten exam has been updated in the schedule on the course web pages. The exam will be held at Polacksbacken on 24th, building 5, on October 14.00-19.00. See the map for the location of building 5 at the ICT campus./ Stefan
If you did not receive your login-details (e.g. if you do not have a valide e-mail address registered in the student portal), please contact me. / Stefan
Some of the material on this course will be available in the private area of this WEB page only. You will receive login details via e-mail and in the lecture on Friday afternoon. / Stefan
The instructions and test data for the visualization project are now available. Anders will briefly introduce you to the project during the lecture in the afternoon. For more details see the project page. / Stefan
Printouts of the slides from the second and third lectures are uploaded now./ Stefan
A new printout of the slides from the first lecture has been uploaded. / Stefan
In case you decide for some reason to not follow this course, please remember to unsign by sending an e-mail to students office. / Stefan
The slides from the first introductory lectury are now availalble in the "Lecture notes" section. / Stefan
The course will start on Monday September 3, 2012, at 13:15 in room Pol_1211. A preliminary plan for the lectures has been posted. See the Schedule page. / Stefan
Unfortunately, the VTK textbook will not be available at the local bookstores. We recommend that you order it directly from the publisher Kitware, Inc. or via More details on the Literature page. / Stefan
Course web-page activated (but still under construction). The course will be given during September and October 2012. If you are interested in the course, please, send an e-mail to / Stefan Seipel

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