Master Programme in
Computational Science

Course List 2013/2014

All courses in the list below are relevant for Computational Science. They are divided into three categories: Scientific Computing Methods, Other Methods and Applications.


  • Normally, a student should select courses corresponding to 15 hp (higher education credit points) in each period.
  • Courses in boldface are core courses. To be eligible for the concluding Degree Project Course, a student has to take a majority of the core courses in the master program.
  • By combining courses carefully, a student can design an individual study plan with a specific profile towards a certain area of Computational Science. Three such possible profiles are indicated in the course list by the labels BF=Computational Physics, BK=Computational Chemistry and MS=Modelling and Simulation.
  • In addition to the eligible courses listed below, there are also 1TD322 Advanced Course on Topics in Scientific Computing, 5 hp, and 1TD326 Advanced Topics in Scientific Computing II, 10 hp, that allow for individualised specialisation.

Year 1

Autumn term
Scientific Computing Methods Other Methods Applications
Period 1 (Aug/Sep-Oct)
1TD397 Scientific Computing III, 5hp

1TD045 Scientific Computing, bridging course, 5hp

1TD389 Scientific Visualization, 5hp

1TD046 Programming, bridging course, 5 (10)hp (continues in period 2)
1MA148 Applied Mathematics, 5hp [MS]

1FA352 Quantum Mechanics, 5 (10)hp [BF]

Period 2 (Oct-Dec)
1TD184 Optimization, 5hp

1TD253 Finite Element Methods, 5hp

1TD046 Programming, bridging course, (5) 10hp (continued Period 1)

1DL300 Database Design I, 5hp

1FA352 Quantum Mechanics, (5) 10hp [BF]

1KB206 Computational Chemistry, 5hp [BK]

1MA151 Applied Dynamical Systems, 5hp [MS]

1BG383 Modelling in Biology, 5hp

1KB550 Chemical Bonding and Computational Chemistry, 10hp

Spring term
Scientific computing methods Other methods Applications
Period 3 (Jan-Mar)
1TD480 Programming of Parallel Computers, 10hp

1TD245 Research Training in Scientific Computing, 2.5 (5)hp

1TD254 Finite Element Methods II, 5 hp

1TD396 Computer Assisted Image Analysis I, 5hp

1DL400 Database design II, 5hp

1DL250 Software Engineering, 5hp

1DT064 Distributed Systems, 5hp

1MS012 Markov Processes, 10hp

1FA573 Computational Physics, 5hp [BF]

1KB267 Quantum Chemistry, 5hp [BK]

Period 4 (Mar-May)
1TD351 High Performance Computing and Programming, 5hp

1TD245 Research Training in Scientific Computing, (2.5) 5hp

1TD388 Computer Graphics, 10hp

1TD204 Software Architecture with Java, 5hp

1MA256 Modelling of Complex Systems, 5hp [MS]

1ME406 Numerical Modelling of the Atmosphere, 10hp

Year 2

Autumn term
Scientific computing methods Other methods Applications
Period 1 (Aug/Sep-Oct)
1TD243 Analysis of Numerical Methods, 5hp

1DT052 Computer Networks I, 5hp

1DL360 Data Mining, 5hp

1DL410 Large Scale Programming, 10hp

1MS013 Mathematical Statistics, 15hp

1MS025 Stationary Stochastic Processes, 5hp

1TD248 Applied Scientific Computing, 5hp

1KB359 Molecular Modelling and Simulation, 5hp [BK]

1TD185 Computational Finance, 5hp [MS]

Period 2 (Oct-Dec)
1TD398 Computer Assisted Image Analysis II, 10hp

1MS009 Computer Intensive Statistics and Datamining, 10hp

1TD307 Project in Computational Science, 15hp [BF; BK; MS]

1FA357 Statistical Methods in Physics, 5hp [BF; odd years only]

1MA041 Financial Mathematics II, 7.5hp

Spring term
Master Thesis Project
Period 3 & 4 (Jan-May)
1TD808 Degree Project in Computational Science, 30hp
1TD708 Degree Project in Computational Science, 45hp