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Many of our international students graduated from foreign universities. And most of them have bachelor degrees of Computer Science, Software Engineering, or Information Technology.

We have 110 students from 20 different countries. Kim-Anh Tran is from Germay and this is her view of studying in Uppsala (slides are in German).

Student Diaries


"...Honestly speaking, I 'm kind of a city person - I like big cities and that adventurous life. However, after one year's life here, I really started to enjoy the benefits from a small university town like Uppsala.

Here, not only can you feel the convenience that going everywhere by walking, but also you will enjoy a peaceful, quiet, friendly study life. Meeting students in same age from all over the world, the exclusive student¡¯s pub night and parties, it's your right to experience, rather than an opportunity..."

Mattia Tomasoni :

My experience in Uppsala started only a few months ago. I can tell an effort is being done here to build around the student an environment that allows him/her to study and grow with minimum effort:
Corridor life gives me many opportunities to socialize and still allows me my own personal space; the prices are after all lower then in many other famous university cities and not having to worry about paying the bills and for water, heat, electricity and internet releases me from lots of stress.

Social life is active and affordable thanks to the activities at the Nations: I started playing my clarinet again, I do sports regularly and joined one of the theater groups - all of this basically for free. Just yesterday we had our first performance, followed by a couple of beers at the Norrland's pub and a dancing party at Värmlands.

As a student I am given great freedom: I can choose my courses and my studying schedule: the faculty is open 24 hours 7 days a week.

My lifestyle has changes quite a bit since I am in Sweden: for instance, this afternoon I jogged to the MIC department passing through the city forest of Uppsala; here I showered (at university!), heated my dinner and now I am ready to study a few hours before heading downtown - since it's Saturday night!

Coming from Italy, where to go to university I had to pass through a maze of small streets and open markets with people chasing me and trying to get me to buy their onions, I sometimes felt life here was too optimized for studying, somewhat artificial. As a southern European, life used to be for me a lot more disorganized, improvised, problematic and unfocused: sometimes I miss it, because it made it so much more unexpected and adventurous! But I guess each county has its own unique wonderful characteristics, and this is exactly the reason why I love it so much to travel around: to find out what life means across the next border.

Truong Cong Thanh:

I came here in a great time (end of August) when sun was still shinning above, compared to now :). In fact, it always takes time to get along with a new environment. However, in here, Uppsala , the city of students, I overcame with ease. Regarding to university matters, it is too soon to say that whether it can fulfill my expectation or not but I would like to say I had a right choice. Being a Master student, I can choose courses that meet my demands from very general subjects to specific ones. Absolutely, there are a plenty of rooms to improve since that why we are here. Last but not least, I wish I could manage to study Swedish to stay closer to Sweden :)

Vasilij Savin:

Uppsala, each time I hear this word, many different associations arise.

What is Uppsala for me:

It is a place of endless opportunities, where East and West meet each other in truly Nordic atmosphere.

You attend the lectures given by internationally recognised researchers during the day, get exposed to science frontiers in Computer Science and try your hand at solving modern problems in IT while writing your thesis.

During the night you embrace truly student night-life, where almost everyone can find what his or her heart desires. Different clubs and activities await to be discovered, wild parties are there to attend, or if you suddenly have urge to study during unconventional hours, you are absolutely welcome. Yes, it is true you can access faculty premises any time you want as a student, which can be very nice when you need computer room with unique equipment all for yourself.

I have always preferred smaller towns, so in this sense Uppsala was a perfect match for me. Everything is so close, excellent support for bikes, plenty of green areas. Just a small paradise, focused on teaching and learning.

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