Scientific Computing Uppsala-Stanford

The ultimate goal is to establish a joint venture between Division of Scientific Computing (DSC) at Dept. of Information Technology at Uppsala University and Institute for Computational and Mathematical Engineering (ICME) at Stanford University to provide a world-leading education on M.Sc.-level in Scientific Computing and/or Computational Science.

Project objectives

  • To establish a leading international Master's program by utilizing joint knowledge and competence at Uppsala University and Stanford University. Planning as well as teaching of each course is the responsibility of the foremost experts in Scientific Computing at both universities.
  • To use technology as a tool for enhanced learning, applying the new approach of blended learning combining the best teaching experiences from face-to-face (F2F) campus classes with the best experiences from on-line distance classes, built on student collaboration over internet.
  • To obtain motivated teachers with new pedagogical perspectives.
  • To live up to the current trends in internationalization of the campus and the curriculum by emphasizing "internationalization at home".
  • To establish student exchange within Master's thesis work, i.e., sending at least two Uppsala students to research groups at Stanford each year (about three months) and vice versa.
  • To provide good examples of how to set up a joint venture in distance education between two equal partners in different timezones, with different semester, credit, examination and grading systems, admissions requirements etc.

Academic programs

The academic programs involved at Uppsala university are Master in Computational Science (Master i tillämpad beräkningsvetenskap) and the Scientific Computing elective in the Engineering Physics Program (Beräkningsteknisk gren på civilingenjörsprogrammet Teknisk fysik).