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Pairs and groups

To pass the course you must take part in the mandatory examination. To take part in the code grading examination you must be part of a student pair. To be part of the examination seminars and case study presentation you must be part of a group.

The Student portal

You find your pair and group in the section My groups from the course page in the Student portal. Here you find the names of all members and can send emails to all members.

You can no longer sign up for a pair

As of Thursday January 18 you can no longer sign up for a pair in the Student portal. If you don’t belong to a pair, contact karl.marklund@it.uu.se as soon as possible.


For the programming assignments you will work in pairs of two students.


Three random pairs will merge to form a group with six students. This group will be used for workshops, seminars and and the case study presentation.