Workshop and seminar


Besides lecture slides there is also a number for self-study slides for module 2.


During a workshop Thursday January 25 you will sit down in groups of six students to discuss the module 2 questions. Participation during the workshop is not mandatory but highly recommended.


During the workshop the groups will be able to get guidance from the teaching staff and learn from other groups.


During a mandatory examination seminar Monday February 5 six students meets for 45 minutes with one member of the teaching staff to discuss and answer the module 2 questions.


This is not a learning activity and you will be graded (fail/pass) depending on how well you are able to participate in the discussion and answer questions.

Detailed schedule

In the detailed schedule for the seminars below you see when are where your group (A, B, C, …, Z) meet for the seminar.

Retake seminar

This is the schedule for the retake seminar.


General questions regarding the retake seminar should be posted on Piazza. For specific issues, for example if you need to take the retake seminar but is not in the schedule, contact Diep.