In this module the groups will do a case study resulting in an oral presentation with slides. On this page you find general requirements for both OS (1DT044) and OSPP (1DT096). Details specific for the two courses can be found on the following pages:

General requirements

  • All members of the group must participate in preparing the presentation.
  • The presentation should be in English.
  • The presentation should be 20 to 25 minutes.
  • Every presentation will end with a discussion.
  • You should prepare and use slides (Powerpoint, Google slides, Prezi or similar).
  • Each group should bring their own laptop to the presentation.
  • All members of the group must talk during the presentation.
  • Not all members of the group must talk for an equal amount of time.

Title slide

The first slide should include the following:

  • Title of the presentation.
  • Course name, course code and year (2018).
  • Names of the group members participating in the presentation in alphabetical order.

Reference list

The presentation should end with a list of all referenced material such as URLs to websites, articles etc.


Each group will perform their presentation with 4 - 5 other groups and two members of the teaching staff as audience.


During each presentations, one of the groups in the audience will be appointed as opponents. The opponents:

  • should gently inform the presenting group when there is:
    • five minutes left of the presentation
    • one minute left of the presentation.
  • should listen actively during the presentation and takes notes to prepare questions for the discussion
  • are responsible for leading a five minute discussion after the presentation.