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PhD Studies

Get your PhD at the Department of Information Technology.

All our PhD students are paid employees. This means that to become a PhD student, you should first apply for an open PhD position and then apply for admission to PhD studies.

PhD positions are advertised when funding is available, both at and A PhD position is limited to five years of full time. The education covers 240 credits, which corresponds to four years of full time studies and research. In addition to that, it usually includes also one year of teaching.

PhD Studies at the Department of Information Technology

Applying PhD students: Read faculty-level information on becoming a PhD student, especially funding PhD studies, and forms for PhD admission and study plan.

Existing PhD students: Find PhD courses, faculty-level PhD information and faculty-level PhD forms, as well as department-level PhD policy documents.

In 2017, there was a national evaluation of research education: we submitted a report on PhD Studies in Computer Science at Uppsala University (in Swedish).

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Subject curriculum

Computer Science
with specialisation in database technology
with specialisation in computer science education research
with specialisation in computer communication
with specialisation in human-computer interaction (Swedish only)
with specialisation in embedded systems

Computerised Image Processing

Electrical Engineering
with specialisation in automatic control
with specialisation in signal processing
with specialisation in systems analysis

Scientific Computing
with specialisation in numerical analysis

Curricula for all these subjects.

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