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Department of Information Technology

PhD Courses at the IT Department

Please read your relevant curriculum at subject curricula in order to understand the course requirements of (your specialisation of) your PhD subject.

Mandatory Courses by the TekNat Faculty

  • A course on research ethics, minimum 2 credits, is mandatory for a licentiate or PhD degree at TekNat, and mandatory at the IT department for the 50% declaration: look for research ethics at TekNat PhD Courses and also see UU education on research ethics (the latter website is currently only in Swedish.
  • A course on teacher training, minimum 7.5 credits, is mandatory for PhD students with teaching duties: look for university educational theory at TekNat PhD Courses.

Faculty-Wide Courses by the TekNat Faculty

Faculty-wide PhD courses shared by all the departments within the TekNat Faculty are aimed at PhD students within several subjects and specialisations: see the current offerings at TekNat Faculty-Wide PhD Courses; several of these courses are taught at the IT department!

Courses by the IT Department

The IT Department offers a core curriculum of PhD courses regularly. In addition, PhD courses in the form of seminars and guest lectures are often organised, in order to cover special issues and timely research topics. Here are the course lists of the four PhD subjects and their specialisations:

Every PhD student is free to attend every course of every subject, so all four lists should be browsed, especially that there are broad introductory courses in each list.

Other Sites with Relevant Courses


Archive of PhD courses at the IT department

The following archive is not maintained any more, because it is now distributed over the archives of the four PhD subjects linked-to above:

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