Department of Information Technology

PhD courses in Computerised Image Processing

Broad, introductory courses are marked as such.

1. Courses during 2018/2019

Course Broad? Responsible Start
Graph Based Image Processing and Combinatorial Optimization focused Filip Malmberg September 2018
Digital image analysis for scientific applications (5/8 hp) (mainly for external PhD students) yes Robin Strand and Carolina Wählby October-December 2018
Classical and Modern Papers in Image Analysis focused Natasa Sladoje a continuously running course
Research methodology for information technology (5 hp) yes Gunilla Borgefors and Ingela Nyström March-May 2019

2. Regularly Offered Core Courses

Course Broad? Periodicity (years) Contact
Courses primarily offered to PhD students:
Research methodology for information technology (4p) yes 2-3 Gunilla Borgefors
Digital imaging systems yes 4 Ingela Nyström
Courses primarily offered to MSc students. Students who have not already included them in their MSc may take them as PhD courses if needed.
Computer assisted image analysis I (Autumn) focused 1 Filip Malmberg
Computer assisted image analysis II (Spring) focused 1 Natasa Sladoje
Computer Graphics (Spring) focused 1 Anders Hast
Scientific Visualisation (Autumn) focused 1 Anders Hast
Medical Informatics (Autumn) yes 1 Robin Strand

3. Other courses offered previously

Course Broad? Responsible Date
These courses may be organised again based on interest; please contact the responsible person.
Methods and Algorithms for Image Segmentation (5p) focused Guest Professor Heung-Kook Choi March-May 2017
Image processing using graphs - Summer School focused Filip Malmberg August 2015
Contributing to open-source software... yes Carolina Wählby June 2013
Models and methods for precise image analysis focused Natasa Sladoje Autumn 2012
Quantitative Microscopy yes Carolina Wählby Autumn 2012
Image Processing Using Graphs focused Filip Malmberg Spring 2012
Fuzzy Sets and Fuzzy Techniques focused Joakim Lindblad Spring 2010

4.There are also relevant courses at other groups, see for example:

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