Department of Information Technology

PhD courses in Computerised Image Processing

Broad, introductory courses are marked as such.

1. Courses during 2018/2019

Course Broad? Responsible Start
Graph Based Image Processing and Combinatorial Optimization ? Filip Malmberg September 2018
Digital image analysis for scientific applications (5/8p) (mainly for external PhD students) ? Robin Strand and Carolina Wählby October-December 2018
Classical and Modern Papers in Image Analysis ? Natasa Sladoje a continuously running course
Research methodology for information technology (4p) ? Gunilla Borgefors spring 2019 (webpage not yet updated)

2. Regularly Offered Core Courses

Course Broad? Periodicity (years) Contact
Courses primarily offered to PhD students:
Research methodology for information technology (4p) ? 2 (offered spring 2019) Gunilla Borgefors
Digital imaging systems ? 4 Ingela Nyström
Courses primarily offered to MSc students. Students who have not already included them in their MSc may take them as PhD courses if needed.
Computer assisted image analysis I (autumn) ? 1 Filip Malmberg
Computer assisted image analysis II (spring) ? 1 Natasa Sladoje
Computer Graphics (spring) ? 1 Anders Hast
Scientific Visualisation (autumn) ? 1 Anders Hast
Medical Informatics (spring) ? 1 Robin Strand

3. Other courses offered previously

Course Broad? Responsible Date
These courses may be organised again based on interest; please contact the responsible person.
Methods and Algorithms for Image Segmentation (5p) ? guest professor Heung-Kook Choi March-May 2017
Image processing using graphs - Summer School ? Filip Malmberg August 2015
Scientific data presentation ? Cris Luengo autumn 2013
Contributing to open-source software... ? Carolina Wählby June 2013
Models and methods for precise image analysis ? Natasa Sladoje autumn 2012
Quantitative Microscopy ? Carolina Wählby autumn 2012
Image Processing Using Graphs ? Filip Malmberg spring 2012
Pattern Recognition ? Jimmy Azar autumn 2011
Parallel Image Analysis ? Cris Luengo spring 2011
Fuzzy Sets and Fuzzy Techniques ? Joakim Lindblad spring 2010

4.There are also relevant courses at other groups, see for example:

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