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Department of Information Technology

PhD Courses in the "Computer Science" Subject and its Specialisations

The PhD subject Computer Science and its five specialisations (Computer Communication; Computer Science Education Research; Database Technology; Embedded Systems; Human-Computer Interaction) offer a selection of regularly offered core PhD-level courses as an important component. Broad introductory courses are marked as such. These courses are complemented by courses on specialised topics that are offered when the need or opportunity arises, by recommended MSc-level courses, and by individual study courses.

PhD students can also attend courses offered elsewhere, say in Northern Europe, at summer schools (partial list), etc.

Regularly Offered Core PhD-level Courses

course broad? next offered periodicity (years) contact
Advanced Computer Architecture Readings, 1.5-5 credits focused fall 2021 twice per year David Black-Schaffer
Advanced Topics in Computer Architecture focused ? (last: 2014) 1 Stefanos Kaxiras
Program Verification and Weak Memory Models, 10 credits broad period 3-4, 2022 as needed Parosh Abdulla
Category Theory for Computer Scientists, 5 credits broad period 1, 2022 yearly, as needed Justin Pearson
Interactive Theorem Proving, 5 credits broad 2021 (period 2) as needed Tjark Weber
Introduction to Programming Language Research, 5 credits broad 2022 (Period 4) every second year Elias Castegren
Introduction to Research in Computer Architecture, 10 credits broad Fall 2022 as needed David Black-Schaffer
Network Science, 3 credits broad 2024 2 Matteo Magnani
Readings in Network Science, 1.5 credits focused Spring 2023 on demand Matteo Magnani
Reviewing scientific papers, 2 credits broad Spring 2023 2 Matteo Magnani
Wireless Low-Power Networks, reading group, up to 7.5 credits focused always ongoing n/a Thiemo Voigt
Cybersecurity, reading group, up to 7.5 credits focused always ongoing n/a Shahid Raza

Ad-hoc PhD-level courses in the academic year 2020/2021

course broad? when contact
Symbolic Execution, 5-10 credits focused winter 2021 Bengt Jonsson
Reading group on The Nature of Computation, 7.5 credits broad spring 2021 - autumn 2022 Pontus Ekberg
Reading group on Automata, Logics, and Infinite Games, 3 credits broad spring 2023 Elli Anastasiadi

Archive of ad-hoc PhD-level courses in previous academic years

Regularly Offered MSc-level Courses

The following advanced MSc-level courses are given each year: PhD students who have not already included them (or equivalent ones) in their MSc degrees may take them as PhD-level courses, if needed.

course broad? when contact
Accelerating Systems with Programmable Logic Components, 10 credits, 1DT109 broad period 1-2 Yuan Yao
Advanced Computer Architecture, 10 credits, 1DT024 focused period 3-4 Stefanos Kaxiras
Advanced Functional Programming, 5 credits, 1DL450 focused period 2 Lars-Henrik Eriksson
Algorithms and Data Structures III, 5 credits, 1DL481 broad period 3 Pierre Flener
Combinatorial Optimisation and Constraint Programming, 10 credits, 1DL442 focused period 1-2 Pierre Flener
Computer Networks II, 10 credits, 1DT074 focused period 2&3 Thiemo Voigt
Computing Education Research, 10 credits, 1DT061 broad period 1-2 Anders Berglund
Data Mining I, 5 credits, 1DL360 broad period 1 Matteo Magnani
Data Mining, 7.5 credits, 1DL370 broad period 1 Matteo Magnani
Concurrent Algorithms and Data Structures, 5 credits, 1DL541 broad period 2 Parosh Abdulla
Low-level Parallel Programming, 5 credits, 1DL550 broad period 3 Chang Hyun Park
Model-Based Design of Embedded Systems, 10 credits, 1DT059 1 ? period 1 Bengt Jonsson
Modelling for Combinatorial Optimisation, 5 credits, 1DL451 broad period 1 Pierre Flener
Natural Computation Methods for Machine Learning, 10 credits, 1DL073 broad period 3-4 Olle Gällmo
Parallel Programming for Efficiency, 5 credits, 1DL560 broad period 1 Yuan Yao
Real-Time Systems, 10 credits, 1DT004 broad period 2 Wang Yi and Pontus Ekberg
Secure Computer Systems I, 5 credits, 1DT072 broad period 2 Björn Victor
Security and Privacy, 7.5 credits, 1DT098 focused period 2 Christian Rohner and André Teixeira
Testing Concurrent and Parallel Software, 5 credits, 1DL570 broad - Kostis Sagonas
Wireless Communication and Networked Embedded Systems, 10 credits, 1DT103 broad period 2-3 Christian Rohner

Further information regarding the specialisations

Further information regarding other research areas within computer science

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