Department of Information Technology

PhD courses in Systems and Control

Courses during 2017

Course Responsible Start
Sequential Monte Carlo Fredrik Lindsten and Thomas Schön August 2017
Reinforcement Learning Kristiaan Pelckmans October 2017

Courses during 2016

Course Responsible Start
Statistical Machine Learning Thomas Schön January 2016
Network dynamics Giacomo Como April 2016
Statistical Estimation Theory and Its Applications Dave Zachariah Fall 2016

Courses during 2013-2015

Course Responsible Start
Stochastic dynamic systems Torsten Söderström September 2015
Foundations of Machine Learning Kristiaan Pelckmans September 2015
Statistical Machine Learning Thomas Schön January 2014
Stochastic dynamic systems Torsten Söderström September 2013

Courses before 2013

Course Responsible Start
Compressive Sensing with Structured Matrices Holger Rauhut Autumn 2012
Next Generation Bioinformatics Tools Hesham H. Ali September 2012
Nonlinear System Identification and its Applications Er-Wei Bai June 2011
Linear Systems Torsten Söderström January 2011

MSc level courses

The following advanced MSc level courses are given each year by the Division of Systems and Control. Students who have not already included them in their MSc may take them as PhD courses if needed (more information here and here).

Course Responsible Time
Automatic Control II Hans Norlander Period 1 & 4
Automatic Control III Thomas Schön Period 1
Spectral Analysis of Signals Peter Stoica Period 1
Statistical Machine Learning Fredrik Lindsten Period 3
Systems analysis and operations research Marcus Björk Period 3
System Identification Kristiaan Pelckmans Period 4

There are also relevant courses at other groups, see for example:

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