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Qualitative methods in research

Teaching plan

Please note that lectures begin at a quarter past the hour, i.e lectures between 10-12 begin at 10.15.

When Where What Who Comments/ Literature etc.
Oct 5, 10 - 12 MIC, building 2, 2144 Introduction. Discussion about the aims of this course, and what aims the participants want to accomplish by taking this course. The final decissions abour projects etc. will be taken after this discussion. Anders Berglund, Inger Boivie Sildes from the meeting
Oct 6, 10 - 12 2446 Licentiate seminar for Anna Eckerdal. Title of the thesis: Novice Students' Learning of Object-Oriented Programming Call Thesis
Oct 12, 10 - 12 2214 Non-positivistic research approaches (prel. title) Sharon Rider, Department of Philosophy, Uppsala University literature distributed by mail
Oct 16, 13 - 15 1245 Researching students' learning of computer science Anders Berglund slides,Berglund, A. et al. 2006, Wu, Dell & Bethel,Wiedenbeck,Berglund & Eckerdal, 2005Vredenburg et al, Nandhakumar & Jones
Oct 23, 13-15 1212 Phenomenography, lab Anders Berglund lab material, see also e-mail
Nov 7, 13 - 15 STS-center Teams of computer science students - on gender, collaboration and power. In collaboration with the STS centre. Call Lecia Barker, ATLAS Evaluation & Research, University of Colorado, CO, USA, Mattias Wiggberg, Anders Berglund TBA
Nov 13, 11.15 - 12.15 1245 A critical perspective in research Tony Clear, Auckland University of Technology, NZ Clear, 2006
Nov 17, 13 -15 (Please note: new date, time & room) 1345 Seminar. Discussion concerning the kind of insights that can be reached through the use of qualitative research approaches. List of questions for reading the papers Everyone MDI: Hou et al, MDI: Wilson et al, IS-MDI: Sachs, CSEd, gender: Björkman,CSEd: HolmboeGenus: Corneliussen, CSEd:Ben-Ari,CSEd:Vartianen (in press)
Nov 21, 13 - 15 1345 Field studies in Human-Computer Interaction, case study (prel. title) Anders Jansson Olsson & Jansson, 2004 - Participatory design with train drivers; Jansson, Olsson & Erlandsson, 2005 - Bridging the gap between analysis and design. Both papers were handed out during the lecture. Paper copies are also available in Inger's room, 1158
Nov 30, 10-12 1345 Ethnography and Human-Computer Interaction Minna Räsänen, KTH Dourish ((2006); Blomberg, et al (2003). Paper copies available in Inger's room, 1158
Dec 15, 10-12, (Please note: new date) 1345 Distributed cognition and qualitative methods Henrik Artman, KTH Artman & Waern, Hutchins
Dec 18, 10-12, (Please note: new date, time & room) 1145 Att producera kunskap genom kvalitativ metod (Knowledge production by means of qualitative methods) (Please note: lecture in Swedish) Gunilla Carstensen, Centrum för genusvetenskap, Uppsala Universitet Letherby & Zdrodowski; Byrne
Jan 18 - Cancelled TBA Seminar. The participants read, write about and present a particualar research approach and/or a particular data collection method, and stress, based on case studies, the kind of results it could offer. everyone
March 20, 10-12 1345 Seminars on final projects everyone

TBA = To be announced

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