Department of Information Technology

Poster Printer

Poster templates

PowerPoint templates are available at internt on the department web.

The printer

It is located in room 1232 and it is capable of printing up to A0 (42"). The printer model is a HP DesignJet T610.

Allowed use

The poster printer is only for staff at the IT department.
In addition, staff at the IT department may (within limits) allow our student projects access, for example for the robocup project and similar.
We do not provide printing services for other departments at the university! Not even for cash.

Access to the printer

The printer is not online, so you have to bring your document on floppy, disc, CD or USB memory.

You also need the 4-digit access code to enter the room.

Using the printer

The easiest way to print a poster is to use the attached PC. The PC runs Windows 7.

You sign on to the PC with your AKKA ID and password C.

Domain: (default)
Username: user999 (your Akka-ID)
Password: **********

It is also possible to use your own laptop, if your laptop supports USB. Drivers are available online from HP.

Installed software

The easies way to print a poster is to use the HP Instant Printing Utility.
It reads PDF, Office files, Jpeg, TIFF and DWF.

Office 2007 and Acrobat reader are available. We recommend using PowerPoint for producing posters.

Produce the poster

It is quite easy to layout posters using PowerPoint. The PDF format is the second best option if you don't like PowerPoint.


We strongly recommend formatting the poster in the target size you wish to print to. Scaling up from, say, A4 to A0 may result in strange effects.

100 x 70 cm is a common size that works for most purposes.

Quality setting

The default value (normal) is good enough for almost all purposes. A higher quality setting only makes printing slower.

Paper & ink

If no ink is available in the printer room, or if you install the last color cartridge or paper roll, please notify Systems support.


Contact Systems support.

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