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Department of Information Technology

Publications (including prior affiliations)


A Hybrid Static-Dynamic Classification for Dual-Consistency Cache Coherence
Ros A., Jimborean A.
In TPDS - IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems

Multiversioned Decoupled Access-Execute: the Key to Energy-Efficient Compilation of General-Purpose Programs
Koukos K., Ekemark P., Zacharopoulos G., Spiliopoulos V., Kaxiras S., Jimborean A.
In CC - International Conference on Compiler Construction
Best paper award
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Profiling-Assisted Decoupled Access-Execute
Waern J., Ekemark P., Koukos K., Kaxiras S., Jimborean A.
In HIP3ES - International Workshop on High Performance Energy Efficient Embedded Systems


Dynamic and Speculative Polyhedral Parallelization Using Compiler-Generated Skeletons
Jimborean A., Clauss Ph., Dollinger J.F., Loechner V., Martinez J.M
In IJPP - Springer's International Journal of Parallel Programming (2014)

Software-controlled Processor Stalls for Time and Energy Efficient Data Locality Optimization
Clauss Ph., Fassi I., Jimborean A.
In ICSAMOS - International Conference on Embedded Computer Systems: Architectures, Modeling, and Simulation (2014), Samos, Greece

Speculative Program Parallelization with Scalable and Decentralized Runtime Verification
Sukumaran-Rajam A., Martinez Caamaño J. M., Wolff W., Jimborean A., Clauss Ph.
In RV - Runtime Verification (2014), Toronto, ON, Canada

Fix the code. Don't tweak the hardware: A new compiler approach to Voltage-Frequency scaling
Jimborean A., Koukos K., Spiliopoulos V., Black-Schaffer D., Kaxiras S. (Best presentation award)
In CGO - Code Generation and Optimization (2014), Orlando, FL, USA


VMAD: an Advanced Dynamic Program Analysis & Instrumentation Framework
Jimborean A., Mastrangelo L., Loechner V., Clauss Ph.
In CC - 21st International Conference on Compiler Construction (2012), Tallinn, Estonia

Adapting the Polyhedral Model as a Framework for Efficient Speculative Parallelization
Jimborean A., Clauss Ph., Pradelle B., Mastrangelo L., Loechner V.
In PPoPP - 17th ACM SIGPLAN Symposium on Principles and Practice of Parallel Programming (2012), New Orleans, USA

Does dynamic and speculative parallelization enable advanced parallelizing and optimizing code transformations?
Clauss Ph., Jimborean A.
In DCE - 1st International Workshop on Dynamic compilation from SoC to Web Browser via HPC, in conjunction with HiPEAC (2012), Paris, France

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