Department of Information Technology

Research Aspects on Computer Science

Tentative assessment

This overview serves to give an idea about the workload in the course. Thus, there can be changes

Part 1

  1. Short questionnaire
  2. Writing of a short technical paper with references on a self-selected topic
  3. Peer reviewing. Mainly done during lecture time

Part 2

  1. Read one research paper and write a personal reflection on it.
  2. A seminar (a kind of oral group exam, with discussions) on a set (5 - 10, number to be settled)

Part 3

  1. A self-selected group project
  2. Project presentation/discussion (format to be settled)
  3. Taking parts in Swedish students presentations (still pending. If it happens, it will only be a small task.

An example of what a project can be

This text is only an example, intended to give an idea of projects could be. This is not a suggest project

Interview a number of students (10? less?) about what CS is. Analyse and categorise the answers. Write a report.

The report must be well-structured, contain a short literature review (how to do this will be presented later), present the method and the results. The method does not need to be "advanced" or "consistant with" an academically recognized method (this is only a short course). The results do not need to be trustworthy, from an academic perspective. For example can statistical results that are not significant be presented, but it should be noted that the results ae not significant.

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