Department of Information Technology

Planned and attended courses

The courses I have taken, as a part of my PhD education.

Year Course name University Lecturer(s) / responsible Credits (ECTS) Status
2012 fall Linear systems LiU Prof. Torkel Glad 9 Done
2013 fall Stochastic Dynamic Systems UU Prof. Torsten Söderström 15 Done
2014 spring Gaussian Process Winter School Univ. of Sheffield Prof. Neil Lawrence - Done
2014 spring Statistical Machine Learning UU Prof. Thomas Schön 12 Done
2014 spring Matrix Algebra KTH Prof. Magnus Jansson and Dr. Mats Bengtsson 10 Done
2014 spring Presentera vetenskap i ord och bild UU Dr. Maria Wennerström Wohrne and Dr. Maria Magnusson 3 Done
2014 fall Integration Theory UU Dr. Anders Öberg 10 Done
2015 spring PhD course in probability UU Dr. Erik Broman 5 Done
2015 spring State space models and particle methods Univ. of Copenhagen Prof. Nicolas Chopin and Prof. Omiros Papaspiliopoulos 2.5 Done
2015 summer Machine Learning Summer School MPI Intelligent Systems, Tübingen Dr. Michael Hirsch, Dr. Philipp Hennig, Dr. Bernhard Schölkopf - Done
2015 fall Foundations of Machine Learning UU Dr. Kristiaan Pelckmans 10 Done
2016 spring Graduate course on Statistical Inference KTH Prof. Henrik Hult, Dr. Tatjana Pavlenko 15 Done
2016 spring Network dynamics UU Dr. Giacomo Como 0* Done
2016 spring Academic Teacher Training Course UU 7.5 Done
2016 spring Ethics UU 2 Done
2016 fall Statistical Estimation Theory and Its Applications UU Dr. Dave Zachariah 0* Done
2017 fall Reinforcement Learning: A Graduate Course UU Dr. Alexandre Proutiere 6 Done

Sum total: 101

0* indicates that I attended the course (lectures etc), but took not part in the examination procedure (homeworks etc).

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