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Department of Information Technology

Andreas Lindholm (né Svensson)


From November 1, 2020, I am working at Annotell, and I am no longer employed at Uppsala University. These pages will remain on the internet fore some more time only for archival purposes.


I am a PostDoc at the department of Information Technology, working with Thomas Schön. My research interests are machine learning and computational statistics (with emphasis on Monte Carlo methods) for learning models of dynamical systems, and applications thereof. Please use the left menu to navigate on this page, or contact me at

(Until 2018, my family name was Svensson)

  • The draft of our upcoming textbook on supervised machine learning is available at
  • I successfully defended my PhD thesis "Machine learning with state-space models, Gaussian processes and Monte Carlo methods" on October 12, 2018 with prof. Carl Rasmussen (Cambridge university) as faculty opponent. The thesis is available here.
  • My licentiate thesis (presented on December 16, 2016) is available here
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