Department of Information Technology

Olle Gällmo

lecturer at Department of Information Technology, Division of Computer Systems

+4618-471 1009
Visiting address:
Room ITC 1256 ITC, Lägerhyddsv. 2, hus 1

Postal address:
Box 337
751 05 UPPSALA

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Programme director of the bachelor programme in computer science (DVk) and student advisor for its students, head of the student advisors at the Dept of Information Technology and examiner of bachelor thesis projects in computer science. I teach on advanced level in machine learning and artificial intelligence.

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I am programme director and student advisor of the bachelor programme in computer science (DVk) and head of the student advisors at the Department of Information Technology.

I am the examiner of all bachelor these in computer science, and teach on advanced (master) level in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. I also give guest lectures on artificial intelligence in computer games.

The little time I have over for research I spend on Machine Learning, Natural Computation and in particular population methods, such as Particle Swarm Optimization. When I was a PhD-student I focused on applications of Artificial Neural Networks and Reinforcement Learning in computer networks.

I am also an active musician (traditional Swedish music) and riksspelman on Swedish bagpipes, and I give courses and workhops also in this area. More on this side of my life at


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