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Gunilla Kreiss

professor i numerisk analys 06 vid Institutionen för informationsteknologi, Beräkningsvetenskap

018-471 2968
Rum ITC 2442 ITC, Lägerhyddsv. 2, hus 2
752 37 UPPSALA
Box 337
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I am professor of Numerical Analysis at the division for scientific computing at Uppsala University. 



Akademiska meriter: Tekn Dr

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I am interested in numerical methods for partial differential equations. 

Hyperbolic systems  has been a special interest for a long time. Currantly I am working on methods for second order wave equations, and models for the flow in a network of channels based on the shallow water equation. Over the last 10 years much work has concerned perfectly matched absorbing layers for wave propagation problems. 

Navier-Stokes equations is another long standing interest. Currently my work is directed towards numerical simulation of multiphase flow, but I have recently become involved in work concerning boundary closures for LES.

A more recent interest is multiscale methods for magnetization dynamics. Numerical techniques based on several different descriptions of the physics, each valid at different scales, are used to simulate phenomena at large scales, while including effects of small-scale variations.

Over the last 10 years much work has concerned perfectly matched absorbing layers for wave propagation problems. In addition to the scalar wave eqaution and the system of elastic wave equation, I have also considered the Schrödinger equation, which also supports waves. In  the group working on numerical methods for Quantum Dynamics, I have focused on high order approximations and accurate numerical boundary closures.






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