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My research and projects

Usability and user-centred systems design

My research focuses on systems development, usability, and user-centred design, primarily in a work context, i.e. the development of bespoke systems to be used in the workplace, by a particular group of users.
I'm particularly interested in:

  • the user-centred systems development process - how can the development process be organised in order to involve users and focus on their needs and usability issues?
  • occupational health (OH) problems in computer-supported work - how can OH issues and problems be integrated into the systems development process?
  • attitudes - what attitudes do systems developers hold about users and usability? How do these attitudes affect the systems development process? How are the attitudes reflected in user-developer interaction and communication? How are the attitudes reflected and embodied in the communication means and representations used in systems development?

The research is practice-oriented, focusing on real-life systems development in Swedish organisations, primarily within the public services sector. The research objective is to identify obstacles to usability and user involvement in real-life IT development in order to define methods and techniques that facilitate user involvement and improve the usability of the resulting IT system. I am currently working in a project involving a number different authorities, that will run until 2007, and possibly into 2008. For more information, please see project description (Currently only available in Swedish).

Gender in IT education and work: What knowledge counts?

I am also interested in the issue of gender in relation to the development and use of ICT. For more information, please see the project page.



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Journal publications

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Conference papers, etc

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