Department of Information Technology


My research is related to synchronisation on multicore platforms.

Previous work includes performance analysis and prediction of synchronisation cost, the project page can be found here.

Currently, I'm working on parallel discrete event simulators and lock-free data structures.


Efficient Inter-Process Synchronization for Parallel Discrete Event Simulation on Multicores.. Pavol Bauer, Jonatan Lindén, Stefan Engblom and Bengt Jonsson. In SIGSIM-PADS 2015, ACM SIGSIM Conf. on Principles of advanced Discrete Simulation, June 10-12, 2015, London, UK, to appear.

A Skiplist-based Concurrent Priority Queue with Minimal Memory Contention.. Jonatan Lindén, Bengt Jonsson. In Proc. of the 17th International Conference On Principles Of DIstributed Systems (OPODIS), volume 8304 of LNCS, 2013. Extended version available as technical report 2013-025.

Predicting the Cost of Lock Contention in Parallel Applications on Multicores using Analytic Modeling. Xiaoyue Pan, Jonatan Lindén and Bengt Jonsson. Presented at the Fifth Swedish Workshop on Multicore Computing, Nov. 22-23, 2012, KTH, Stockholm, Sweden.

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