Department of Information Technology

Since 2011, I am a PhD student Scientific Computing, and my advisors are Jarmo Rantakokko, Gunilla Kreiss, and Sverker Holmgren.


My research aims at developing efficient implementations of multiphase-flow simulations using heterogeneous computer systems. My main interest is in general-purpose graphics processing units (GPGPUs).


Refereed publications

Other papers and reports

  • K. Ljungkvist: Experience from Adopting Flipped Classroom Teaching. In För pedagogisk utveckling tillsammans - Lärare och studenter som medskapare av utbildning (Report Series from Division for Quality Enhancement, Report 4), pp 53-59, Uppsala University, Uppsala, 2016. Fulltext, available from this page.


  • K. Ljungkvist: Matrix-Free Finite-Element Computations on Graphics Processors, Bit Circus 2015, Umeå, August 2015 (slides)
  • K. Ljungkvist: Techniques for Finite-Element Methods on Modern Processors, Licentiate Seminar, Uppsala, January 2015 (slides)
  • K. Ljungkvist: A Finite-Element Method for Modern Processors, Oslo-Uppsala Workshop on Scientific Computing Software, Oslo, September 2014 (slides)
  • K. Ljungkvist: Matrix-Free Finite-Element Operator Application on Graphics Processing Units, UCHPC '14, Porto, August 2014 (slides)
  • K. Ljungkvist: Matrix-Free Methods in Two-Phase Flow Simulations on Graphics Processors, TDB PhD Student Seminar, Uppsala, May 2012
  • K. Ljungkvist, M Tillenius: Using Hardware Transactional Memory for High-Performance Computing, MTAAP '11, Anchorage, May 2011


  • K. Ljungkvist: A Finite-Element Method Optimized for Modern Processors, PUMPS 2014, Barcelona, July 2014 (poster)
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