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Department of Information Technology

Magnus Själander

visiting senior lecturer at Department of Information Technology, Division of Computer Systems

+4618-471 2987
Visiting address:
Room POL 1210 ITC, Lägerhyddsvägen 2, hus 1
752 37 UPPSALA
Postal address:
Box 337
751 05 UPPSALA

Keywords: computer architecture energy efficient computing memory systems

Magnus Själander is Associate Professor at the Department of Computer Science at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) and he is Visiting Senior Lecturer at the Department of Information Technology at Uppsala University. He is the coordinator of the Energy Efficient Computing Systems (EECS) research initiative at NTNU. Själander has an M.Sc. from Luleå University and a Ph.D. from Chalmers University of Technology.

Själander's research focuses on the design of high-performance and energy-efficient systems at all scales. His background lies primarily in computer architecture and circuit design, and he has led implementation projects in both FPGA and ASIC technologies. Recent projects focus increasingly on hardware/software codesign and efficient low-power systems (compiler, architecture, and hardware implementation) for high-efficiency computing. The driving philosophy behind these projects is that by extracting more information from the application and by monitoring the system, we can better control the hardware to use resources more efficiently in terms of performance and power.



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Magnus Själander
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