Department of Information Technology

In June 2007 I changed my last name from Johansson to Hardenborg

I'm a Ph.D. Student in HCI with a special research interest in how to design usable IT systems. I have an interdisciplinary background in Computer Science and Human Work Science, a combination that helps me be a technician on day and understand bewildered end-users the other. Critical to as well as fascinated by mobile artefacts, I started in 2002 with research about usability in mobile devices and how mobile devices can assist and entertain us in everyday life as well as in working life. This was the main theme in my licentiate thesis, Usable IT Systems for Mobile Work.

From then on I have continued with deepened studies about how introduction of IT systems at work places can improve work in different aspects. This work has resulted in a doctorial thesis, that will be presented in December 2007.

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