Department of Information Technology


This is a list of courses I have taken

  • Numerical acoustics
  • Mathematical and numerical techniques in partial differential equations
  • Nonlinear multiobjective optimization
  • Parallel algorithms for scientific computing
  • Research introduction course for new PhD students
  • Multiscale methods
  • Numerical linear algebra
  • Perturbation theory and asymptotic expansions
  • Numerical functional analysis
  • Ethics of technology and science
  • Mathematical models and numerical methods for fluid mechanics
  • Classical articles in numerical analysis
  • Numerical methods for non-linear hyperbolic partial differential equations
  • Uncertainty quantification for partial differential equations

I have also attended



  1. An explicit Hermite–Taylor method for the Schrödinger equation. Daniel Appelö, Gunilla Kreiss, and Siyang Wang. In Communications in Computational Physics, volume 21, pp 1207-1230, 2017. (DOI).
  2. Convergence of summation-by-parts finite difference methods for the wave equation. Siyang Wang and Gunilla Kreiss. In Journal of Scientific Computing, volume 71, pp 219-245, 2017. (DOI, Fulltext).
  3. High order finite difference methods for the wave equation with non-conforming grid interfaces. Siyang Wang, Kristoffer Virta, and Gunilla Kreiss. In Journal of Scientific Computing, volume 68, pp 1002-1028, 2016. (DOI).
  4. Stochastic reaction–diffusion processes with embedded lower-dimensional structures. Siyang Wang, Johan Elf, Stefan Hellander, and Per Lötstedt. In Bulletin of Mathematical Biology, volume 76, pp 819-853, 2014. (DOI).

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