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Restaurants, cafés, and bars in Uppsala

NOTE: We will have copies of this page available at the conference, but if you want a color copy, you will have to print this map at your own facilities.

Restaurants (Blue numbers)

Mediterranean folks please note: Most restaurants typically CLOSE their kitchens at 22:00!

  1. Le Parc
    Torsg. 15
    Kostis' comment: Edible food and nice place to sit outdoors if the weather is good. Other than that, nothing special on the menu.
  2. Svenssons Krog + Bakficka
    Sysslomansg. 15
    Kostis' comment: An above average restaurant offering some nice pasta dishes and a deer specialty.
  3. Svenssons Taverna
    Sysslomansg. 14
    Richard's comment: Specialty: very good (and large) pizzas, semi-deep-pan style.
  4. Taverna Akropolis
    Sysslomansg. 13
    Kostis' comment: Pretty decent Greek food (for Sweden, that is). Only indoors sitting.
  5. Trattoria Comedia
    Skolg. 31/Sysslomansg.
    Richard's comment: Fine Italian restaurant.
    Kostis' comment: Nice decor, decent and tasty food, but probably an insult to restaurants in Italy to describe it as "fine" Italian restaurant... Recommended nevertheless.
  6. Alex Vinbar & Kök (Hotel Linné)
    Skolg. 45
    Kostis' comment: Offers the best selection of wines you can find anywhere in Uppsala. Beware, the prices per glass are ridiculous. Prices for dishes are OK though.
  7. Lingon
    Svartbäcksg. 30
    Kostis' comment: Traditional and tasty Swedish cuisine. Recommended if you want Swedish food and the weather allows sitting outside.
  8. Jozef
    Svartbäcksg. 23
    Closed on Mondays
  9. 1 & 1
    Ö. Ågatan 11
  10. Svenssons Grill
    Kostis' comment: A typical grill place. Tables are next to the river offering a nice view. A bit on the expensive side considering its quality. Unless you really want grilled stuff or you want to sit outside, restaurant #2, which belongs to the same owner, is probably a better choice.
  11. Tzatziki
    S:t Eriks torg 8
    Kostis' comment: This is a Greek restaurant located in very nice, old, impressive premises (must see actually!). The food served is OK but nothing special. Food-wise, there are better alternatives; premise-wise, none.
  12. Domtrappkällaren
    S:t Eriksgränd 15
    Kostis' comment: A very classy Swedish restaurant. Traditional Swedish dishes served here in a nice environment. Probably the most expensive restaurant on this list. Recommended, if you can afford it.
  13. Hambergs Fisk
    Fyris Torg 8
    Kostis' comment: The best fish restaurant in Uppsala (and among the best in Sweden!). A bit on the expensive side. The place to go if you want to eat fish or seafood.
    Jesper's comment: This is a fishy place...
  14. Wermlandskällaren
    Nedre Slottsg. 2
    Kostis' comment: I consider it the best restaurant in Uppsala! (It is considered among the best in Sweden.) Very nice and tasty Swedish cuisine. A bit expensive but not ridiculously so and probably worth it.
  15. Rhodos
    Övre Slottsg. 12
    Kostis' comment: The Greek restaurant in Uppsala with the least kitsch-y decor. Considering that it is located in Sweden and not in Greece, the food is quite decent. Recommended for those that like "Greek food".
  16. Atlantis World Kitchen + East West
    Dragarbrunnsg. 25
    Kostis' comment: Atlantis is the restaurant of Radisson Hotel. Nouvelle cuisine is mostly served here (in proper portions, though). A bit on the expensive side but recommended. East West is a Swedish/Uppsala version of TGI Fridays. Also recommended.
  17. McDonald's
    Dragarbrunnsg. 29
    Kostis' comment: No comment - I've never eaten here!
    Jesper's comment: How did this end up in the list?
  18. Burger King
    Dragarbrunnsg. 34
    Kostis' comment: No comment here either...
  19. Rådhussalongen
    St. Torget
    (This is the restaurant where we have lunches.)
  20. O'Connor's
    St. Torget 1
    Richard's comment: Nice pub food and good beer. Fish 'n chips recommended.
    Kostis' comment: The place in Uppsala with the biggest beer and whisky selection. Other than that, a typical Irish pub. You know what you should expect.
  21. Rififi
    Kungsängs. 7
    Richard's comment: Good pasta and pizza restaurant.
    Kostis' comment: Cheap (and quite OK) pasta and pizza restaurant.
  22. McDonald's
    Smedsgränd 5
    Kostis' comment: See my comment on restaurant #17.
    Jesper's comment: Another one?!
  23. Bill & Bull
    Smedsgränd 11
    Kostis' comment: Nice hip environment. Decent food. OK prices. Recommended.
  24. News Café
    Dragarbrunnsg. 46
    Kostis' comment: Despite its name, it is mostly a bar. As such, it offers bar food (burgers, fajitas and such).
  25. Amazing Thai
    Bredgränd 14
    Richard's comment: Quite good thai food. Service may be slow.
  26. China Garden + China River
    Kungsg. 55 & 57
    Richard's comment: China River is a quite decent chinese restaurant. Specialty: szechuan and indonesian. China Garden have a decent buffet.
  27. Wing Sing
    Vaksalag. 19
    Indonesian, Chinese, Thai, Mongolian Barbecue
  28. Dragon Palace
    Kungsängsg. 20
    Richard's comment: The best chinese restaurant in town (according to some). Also has a separate sushi bar nextdoor.
  29. Alexander
    Ö. Ågatan 59
    Kostis' comment: The Greek restaurant in Uppsala with the most kitsch-y interior decor. If the weather is good and you can sit outside, go there: the "Greek dishes" are edible and the menu includes nice, inexpensive pizzas. Otherwise don't.
  30. Santorini
    Kostis' comment: Yet another Greek restaurant with a less kitsch-y decor. Same recommendation as above, except that you will not find pizzas on the menu.
  31. Flustret
    Svandammen 1
    Kostis' comment: Same as above, but the interior decoration is Swedish kitsch-y; not Greek kitsch-y. Typical Swedish menu with Swedish prices.

Cafés (Red numbers) NOTE: Most cafés typically close at 18:00.

  1. Ofvandals
    Richard's comment: A classic since 1887.
  2. Café Linné
    Richard's comment: Famous for their huge cinnamon buns (but not for much else).
  3. Hugo's
    Richard's comment: Hip and personal place where they care about coffee. (However, it's small, often crowded, and service can be slow.)
  4. Café Lion
    Richard's comment: Makes you feel like the old geezer that you are.
  5. Ekocaféet
    Richard's comment: Nice place with an ecological profile.
  6. Storken
    Richard's comment: Old-style swedish café. Good cakes/pastries and light food.
  7. Güntherska Hovkonditoriet
    Richard's comment: Making very nice cakes and pastries by royal appointment.
  8. Landings
    Richard's comment: Specialty: home made ice cream.
  9. Konditori Fågelsången
    Richard's comment: Nice café by the bird pond.

Bars (Green numbers)

  1. Katalin
    Godsmagasinet, Östra station
    Richard's comment: Nice bar, often with live music. Food ok, but small servings.
    Kostis' comment: Ditto.
  2. Nope, Uppsala does not have only one bar. Many restaurants also serve as bars.
    From the list above 1, 2, 3, 6, 10, 16, 19, 20, 23, 24, and 31. Enjoy!

General Information

  • Most places have menus in English, and those that do not, have waiters that speak English.
  • Only Swedish currency is accepted. However, most restaurants accept credit cards (VISA & MasterCard).
  • You do NOT have to leave a tip (it is included in the prices, which also include taxes).
    Some sort of small rounding (e.g. bill of 187 SEK ==> leave 190 SEK or 200 if very satisfied) is recommended.