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DISCLAIMER: The local organizers have done their best to ensure enough rooms in hotels for conference participants who quite possibly have different budgets, preferences, and expectations. However, we cannot guarantee your satisfaction and, as we do not run any hotel ourselves, we cannot help you in finding a room if you decide to leave your reservation for the last minute. NOTE: The end of August is a busy period in Uppsala, and it may be nearly impossible to find a room at all if you do not make your reservations in time.

The following is a list of the hotels which have rooms reserved for the conference. Give the name of PLI 2003 when you make your reservations, so that you get the conference price. Please note: the number of rooms listed are those initially reserved, not the number still left. The deadline for the reservations varies with the hotel. After these dates, there may still be rooms available, but there is no guarantee.

(A complete list of hotels in Uppsala can be found here.)

Note that all the hotels below are in the town centre, and the walking distance from the conference location to any of the hotels is at most between 500 and 1000 metres. The list is in approximate increasing order of distance from the conference hall (Universitetshuset).

(There seems to be some sort of caching problem with the map links if you use the Explorer or Opera browsers: once you have looked at a particular map, the hotel symbols are not updated when you look at other maps.)

  1. Akademihotellet [Direct link] [Map]

    Small hotel in the old part of the town, just by the University Library and a stone's throw from the conference hall. Wireless internet connection in all rooms.

    This hotel has no more vacancies for the given period, we have been told.

  2. Hotel Muttern [Direct link] [Map]

    Small but modern and comfortable (and hexagonal!) hotel only five minutes' walk from the conference hall, in a pretty area beside the Observatory Park and the old cemetery. No smoking.

    Pros: Lies just on the edge of the oldest and most central student housing area, if you want to see some of the local student life or gatecrash a corridor party.

    Cons: Not so close to the town centre as the other hotels.

    It is now past the final date for the PLI reservations at this hotel. A few rooms may still be available at standard prices.

  3. Radisson SAS Hotel Gillet Uppsala [Direct link] [Map]

    "The only full service hotel in Uppsala". Right in the town centre. Airport bus stops just outside the hotel. "High-speed internet".

    Pros: Price includes free access to pool, gym, and sauna.

    Single room 1340 SEK.
    Double room 1430 SEK.

  4. Scandic Hotel Uplandia [Direct link] [Map]

    Your regular business and conference hotel, right in the town centre. Airport buses stop just outside.

    Pros/Cons: Several fast food restaurants within 100 yards. :-)

  5. Hotel Uppsala [Direct link] [Map]

    Centrally situated modern hotel with newly renovated, bright and spaceous rooms.

    Pros: Very good beds.

    Cons: The only view is into a street with lively traffic (for a Swedish town).

    Single room 825 SEK.
    Double room 930 SEK.

  6. First Hotel Linné [Direct link] [Map]

    Centrally located by the Linnaeus' garden and the old house of Carl von Linné (Linnaeus), in a nice quiet area near the river.

    Pros:Also contains Uppsala's only wine bar, with 200 wines on glass or bottle. Very close to several good restaurants and cafés.

    Single room 975 SEK.
    Double room 1149 SEK.

  7. Grand Hotel Hörnan [Direct link] [Map]

    A traditional hotel right in the heart of Uppsala, near airport shuttle buses and the train station. Newly renovated. Just by the river, with a view towards the castle and cathedral.

    Pros: Nice location and view (depending on your room).

    Single room 985 SEK.
    Double room 1305 SEK.

  8. Hotel Svava [Direct link] [Map]

    Modern hotel with a slighty nordic theme, located just opposite the train station. (Airport shuttle buses leave from outside the station.)

    Cons: Small rooms. Busy street outside (for a Swedish town).

  9. Park Inn Uppsala (formerly Hotel Winn Uppsala) [Direct link] [Map]

    Uppsala's newest business hotel. Just by the train station (although on the "wrong side" relative to the town centre.) Trains and shuttle buses to the airport leave from the station.

    Pros: A nice bar/restaurant and a few good shops in the renovated old East Station building just opposite the hotel.

    Cons: The hotel farthest away from the conference hall (but still quite close to the town centre).

    Single room 1095 SEK.
    Double room 1295 SEK.