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Travel to Uppsala

One way of finding your way around Uppsala is by using MapQuest. Unfortunately, the main University building, which is the location for PLI'03, has no street address, and can therefore not be found directly by the MapQuest search. On this map the star is placed on the main University building and you can zoom in/out to see the city.

Example map
Finding PLI'03

A note on currency

Sweden is a member of the European Union, but not of the European Monetary Union, and does not use the Euro currency. The Swedish currency is the Krona (SEK). See e.g. this link for exchange rates.

Go to Uppsala by air

The closest international airport is Arlanda. Arlanda is the main Stockholm airport (the place where most international flights arrive) and is actually closer to Uppsala than it is to Stockholm.
Getting from Arlanda to Uppsala is extremely easy and takes about 30 minutes. There are several alternatives to choose from:

  • One way to get to Uppsala is by bus. The bus departs from stop 13 directly outside each of the terminals. There are actually two buses that will take you to Uppsala, 801 and 802. Click here for a short translation of the bus schedule. Unless you are extremely eager to see how the Swedish countryside looks, we strongly recommend to take bus 801 which is direct (802 however have better busses if you use a wheelchair). It runs every half hour and takes approximately 30-35 minutes to reach Uppsala. The bus will make stops at the train station and at the "hotels" point of the city center. See this map for directions from the bus station to the location of PLI'03 (marked with a red star). Bus 801 stops at both bus marks on the map, its first stop is by the train station (the green star) and another stop is in the area where most of the hotels are located. Bus 802 only stops at the train station.
    Price (one way): 80 SEK. The ticket can be purchased from the bus driver.

  • Another way is by train. Trains depart from the train station which is located under the "Sky City" building of Arlanda. An advantage of the train compared with the bus is that it is slightly faster (20 minutes). Disadvantages are that you have to carry your luggage from your terminal to the station (quite painful if you arrive on Terminal 2) and that the train only stops at Uppsala's train station, not outside the "hotels" bus stop. See below for directions on how to get from the Uppsala train station to the location of PLI'03.
    Price (one way): 76 SEK.
  • Another way is by taxi which is however quite expensive and probably not worth its price if you are staying in a place in the city center. Taxis are stationed directly outside each of the terminals, but most taxis are from Stockholm. If possible, take a taxi from Uppsala (these can be identified by their telephone number which starts by 018 rather than 08). Most drivers speak English but remember to keep a map or directions to your destination in Uppsala (print the MapQuest map above) just in case you end up taking a taxi with a driver from Stockholm rather than from Uppsala.
    Price (one way): About 400 SEK. NOTE: A price can be negotiated in advance. Make sure you at least ask for a price estimate.
  • You can also rent a car at the airport, but it is not really worthwhile to have a car in Uppsala. Everything is nearby if you stay at a hotel in the city center. Parking is an issue (see the note below about parking in Uppsala). However, if you plan to combine PLI with some sightseeing outside Uppsala, a car might come in handy. This map shows the way Arlanda -> Uppsala. The star is located at Arlanda, go north to Uppsala.

Go to Uppsala by train

You will arrive at Uppsala central station. At this map the train station is marked with a green star. The location of PLI'03 is marked with a red star.

Go to Uppsala by car

You can zoom out from any of the MapQuest maps linked from this page to see how to get to Uppsala by car. Depending on where you come from, either E4 or E20 will take you to the city limits. From there you will have to find your way through one way streets and "bus only" lanes to get to the main University building only to find that there is no parking space available. Sure there are parking places, but they are usually occupied. Finding a parking place in Uppsala in mid-week typically means sitting in your car for at least twenty minutes to wait until someone else leaves. There are parking houses in the center of Uppsala, but they are quite expensive. Some of the hotels have special prices for parking in the parking house.
The star on this map shows a parking where you will have a better chance to find a spot, and the parking fee is low (however, you will need coins). It is a few hundred meters to walk to the main University building, but on the other hand the walk is through the Uppsala University botanical garden, Sweden's oldest botanical garden.

Uppsala University Botanical Garden
The Botanical Garden; view from the Castle. Foto: Marcus Gunnarsson