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Uppsala campus areas

Uppsala University Hall

University Hall
Foto: Tobias Wassén

PLI'03 will be located in "Universitetshuset" - the main building of Uppsala University.

About the building
Uppsala University celebrated its 400th anniversary with pomp and circumstance in 1877. As a present from the Swedish state on this occasion, the University received a new main building - University Hall - which is still in use. The king, Oscar II, laid the first founding stone on the last of April 1879. The building was officially opened ten years later, on May 17th, 1887. The new building was a great contribution to the university with its eleven new lecture halls, which are still being used.

The most architecturally impressive room in the building is the Grand Auditorium (generally called the 'Aula'). With room for 1800 in the audience, the Aula is used for professor inaugurations, doctorate promotions and other academia ceremonies, as well as for concerts and other non-academic events. On the first floor, the university board has offices for meetings and on the upper level there is the so-called Chancellor's Room, where the University's Rector receives prominent guests.

University Hall
Foto: Tobias Wassén

Uppsala Cathedral; view from the Castle. Foto: Marcus Gunnarsson