Department of Information Technology

Research Arenas

An interdisciplinary form of co-operation at the Department of Information Technology

The role of an Arena

An arena brings together researchers from different divisions who share a common interest, facilitating easy collaboration without requiring additional administrative units.

Within its defined field of activities, an arena is intended to:

  • promote research that will cross division boundaries
  • serve as a catalyst in creating research constellations and contribute to a dynamic research environment
  • enable collective efforts to launch new lines of research into shared areas of interests
  • help to identify and form research constellations that may be eligible to seek funding for major research projects

Active Research Arenas:


Information technology is an indispensable part of modern (bio)medicine. Computer systems as well as various computational methods play essential roles in healthcare diagnosis, treatment, and care, as well as in medical research. The BiomedIT research arena facilitates and presents research collaborations in this area across all five divisions of Department of Information Technology.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning is about making predictions based on past experience. The Machine Learning Arena at the department of information technology is situated at the intersection of computation and algorithms research, theoretical insights in learning and inference, and case studies of learning and pattern recognition in various fields.


Mathematical optimization consists of theories, models, and methods for formulating and solving optimization problems that arise in a wide spectrum of applications. Coordinator Di Yuan and the researchers collaborating within the optimization arena are working to bring the science of doing better to real-life applications.


The Security arena is a research group working in the domain of security informatics using techniques from computational linguistics, machine learning, visualization, artificial intelligence as well as ethical and philosophical views on security. The arena is located at the department of information technology at Uppsala University.

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