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Department of Information Technology

Data Science

Extracting knowledge from large and complex data.

Data Science Education

Master's programme

Our department and the department of mathematics are responsible for the International Master's programme in Data Science. The programme includes several courses that can also be relevant for PhD students.

The Master's programme in Data Science has two specialisations:
Data engineering
Machine learning and statistics

In addition to the Master's programme in Data Science we also offer a programme specialised on image analysis:
Image analysis and machine learning

PhD-level courses

We regularly offer both broad and focused PhD-level courses in topics related to Data Science, such as Network Science, Numerical Linear Algebra, Reinforcement Learning, Statistical Learning and Inference for Data Science.

The list of courses changes every year, although some courses are given at regular time intervals, so we recommend to check the following lists of all our PhD-level courses:
PhD courses in Computer Science and Systems
PhD courses in Computerized Image Processing
PhD courses in Scientific Computing
PhD courses at the division of Systems and Control

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