Department of Information Technology

Machine Learning

Facilitating research collaborations between divisions and between the department of Information technology and external parts.

Machine Learning Journal club

The arena organizes a journal club focused on topics in machine learning that are of interest to researchers across divisions. The goal was to disseminate knowledge as well as help identify research collaborations.

Each seminar will be hosted by one or more presenters who will introduce the topic and highlight one or more papers to illustrate some interesting recent work. We encourage all participants to read the paper(s).

Spring 2018: Learning Complex Models via Approximate Inference

Seminar #3: Deep Generative Models

Seminar #2: Black Box Variational Inference

Seminar #1: Variational Inference: An overview


Spring 2017: Introduction to Machine Learning

Seminar #1: Gaussian Processes

Seminar #2: Probabilistic Programming

Seminar #3: Deep Learning

Seminar #4: Bayesian Optimization

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