Department of Information Technology

Personnel within the Applied Optimisation Arena

Senior Researchers

Pierre Flener (Computing Science Division)
Justin Pearson (Computing Science Division)
Tjark Weber (Computing Science Division)
Di Yuan (Computing Science Division)

Per Lötstedt (Division of Scientific Computing)
Ken Mattsson (Division of Scientific Computing)
Maya Neytcheva (Division of Scientific Computing)
Carl Nettelblad (Division of Scientific Computing)
Daniel Noreland (Division of Scientific Computing)
Prashant Singh (Division of Scientific Computing)

Kristiaan Pelckmans (Division for Systems and Control)

Edith Ngai (Division of Computer Systems)
Philipp Rümmer (Division of Computer Systems)

Filip Malmberg (Division of Visual Information and Interaction)
Robin Strand (Division of Visual Information and Interaction)

PhD Students

Ghafour Ahani (Computing Science Division)
Gustav Björdal (Computing Science Division)
Lei You (Computing Science Division)
Maria Andreina Francisco Rodriguez (Computing Science Division)

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