ARTIST2 Summer School on Component & Modelling, Testing & Verification, and Statical Analysis of Embedded Systems, Sept 29 - Oct 2, 2005
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The Summer School will take place at Nässlingen, a small island in the Stockholm archipelago, located about 50 km north east of Stockholm. Nässlingen is an old archipelago homestead, which has been converted into a modern conference centre, but retained its old genuine character.

Students will be accommodated in double rooms on the island, and they will stay on the island during the school. Hence, there will be lots of opportunities for interaction among the participants, both in and out the lecture room, during the meals, or at the bar. Long after-the-lecture discussions are one of the major assets of this summer school.

Travel to Nässlingen

Alternative 1: There will be a bus leaving from Uppsala University to Nässlingen right after the closing session of FORMATS'05, to take participants of both events to Nässlingen. The bus will leave from The Ångström Laboratory, Uppsala at 16.00 and make a stop at Stockholm airport Arlanda (terminal 5 at the chater bus stop) to pickup participants at 17.00.

Alternative 2: Taxi from Stockholm airport Arlanda to Åsättra on Ljusterö (approx. 1000-1200 SEK). See also below.

Alternative 3: Train or bus to Stockholm. Then subway to "Danderyd sjukhus". Then bus 626 to Åsättra on Ljusterö.

Alternative 2 and 3: If you do not chose alternative 1, you need to call Nässlingen (phone number +46-8-542 472 10) so that they can pick you up by boat at Åsättra on Ljusterö.

Travel from Nässlingen

There will be a bus leaving from Nässlingen to Arlanda right after the closing session of the summer school. The bus is expected to arrive at Stockholm airport Arlanda (terminal 5 at the chater bus stop) no later than 20.00.