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Publications produced by research conducted at the Division of Computer Systems during the current year are listed below.

Publications from previous years are archived.

Publications from the Division of Computer Systems

  1. Analyzing performance variation of task schedulers with TaskInsight. Germán Ceballos, Thomas Grass, Andra Hugo, and David Black-Schaffer. In Parallel Computing, volume 75, pp 11-27, 2018. (DOI).
  2. Understanding initial undergraduate expectations and identity in computing studies. Päivi Kinnunen, Matthew Butler, Michael Morgan, Aletta Nylén, Anne-Kathrin Peters, Jane Sinclair, Sara Kalvala, and Erkki Pesonen. In European Journal of Engineering Education, volume 43, number 2, pp 201-218, 2018. (DOI).
  3. Power-performance tradeoffs in data center servers: DVFS, CPU pinning, horizontal, and vertical scaling. Jakub Krzywda, Ahmed Ali-Eldin, Trevor E. Carlson, Per-Olov Östberg, and Erik Elmroth. In Future generations computer systems, volume 81, pp 114-128, ELSEVIER SCIENCE BV, 2018. (DOI).
  4. A Skiplist-Based Concurrent Priority Queue with Minimal Memory Contention. Jonatan Lindén and Bengt Jonsson. Technical report / Department of Information Technology, Uppsala University nr 2018-003, 2018.
  5. Synchronization Techniques in Parallel Discrete Event Simulation. Jonatan Lindén. Ph.D. thesis, Digital Comprehensive Summaries of Uppsala Dissertations from the Faculty of Science and Technology nr 1634, Acta Universitatis Upsaliensis, Uppsala, 2018. (fulltext, preview image).
  6. Students' experience of participation in a discipline: A longitudinal study of computer science and IT engineering students. Anne-Kathrin Peters. In ACM Transactions on Computing Education, 2018. Publication status: Accepted
  7. Privacy-preserving scheme in social participatory sensing based on Secure Multi-party Cooperation. Ye Tian, Xiong Li, Arun Kumar Sangaiah, Edith Ngai, Zheng Song, Lanshan Zhang, and Wendong Wang. In Computer Communications, 2018. (DOI). Publication status: Epub ahead of print
  8. Ubiquitous transmission of multimedia sensor data in Internet of Things. Gang Xu, Edith C.-H. Ngai, and Jiangchuan Liu. In IEEE Internet of Things Journal, volume 5, number 1, pp 403-414, 2018. (DOI).
  9. Dependency- and similarity-aware caching for HTTP adaptive streaming. Cong Zhang, Jiangchuan Liu, Fei Chen, Yong Cui, Edith C.-H. Ngai, and Yuemin Hu. In Multimedia tools and applications, volume 77, number 1, pp 1453-1474, 2018. (DOI).

Publications from previous years are archived.

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