Department of Information Technology

Computing Science

At the Computing Science Division, research is focused around algorithm design; optimisation; compiler construction (how to create efficient, fast, and correct machine code); databases; distributed systems; e-commerce; formal methods; machine learning; programming languages; and software engineering.

Research Groups


The Optimisation research group investigates models, methods, and tools for the solving of optimisation problems, such as mathematical programming, constraint programming, and local search. Applications arise in many real-world domains, such as communication networks, scheduling, rostering, planning, transportation, logistics, packing, configuration, control, design, biology, finance, linguistics, and so on.

Data Management

In Data Management we conduct research on methods and techniques for data and information management. The research emphasis is on investigating scalable techniques for querying, mining, and integrating information from data streams, files, databases, storage managers, online human information networks, and other information sources.

Programming languages

The Programming Languages group conducts research into the principles and implementation of programming languages.

Theory for Concurrent Systems

In Theory for Concurrent Systems, we study and develop mathematical and logical theories and models for concurrent systems, including tools and applications.

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