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Department of Information Technology

Workshop on

Software Issues in Computational Science and Engineering

Uppsala University, Sweden

August 15-16, 2007

Material to download

Those presentations, for which speakers provided an abstract, copies of slides, or other material to download, are listed below, in the same order as in the workshop program.

Keynote 1: Bill Gropp, Argonne National Laboratory
Building a Successful Scalable Parallel Numerical Library: Lessons From the PETSc Library

Gerhard Zumbusch, Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena
Domain-Specific Parallel Programming Models for Numerical Computation
Extended abstract | Related material

Dominik Goeddeke, Universität Dortmund
Minimally Invasive Integration of GPUs to Improve Multigrid Solver Performance on a Cluster
Abstract | Slides

Christoph Pflaum, Universität Erlangen
Expression Templates and Applications
Abstract | Slides

Malin Ljungberg, Simula Research Laboratory
Requirements on PDE Solver Components for Multi-Physics Simulations

Tiago Quintino, von Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics
Runtime Automatic Generation of Template Static Binded Code
Extended abstract | Slides | Related material

Anders Logg, Simula Research Laboratory
Finite Element Code Generation: Simplicity, Generality, Efficiency

Ioan Muntean, TU München
Software Engineering meets Scientific Computing-Group Projects in CSE Education
Extended abstract | Slides

Kent-André Mardal, Simula Research Laboratory
Finite Elements with Symbolic Computations and Code Generation

Richard Hanson and Fred Krogh, Visual Numerics, Inc.
Solving Constrained Differential-Algebraic Systems Using Projections
Abstract | Slides | Technical Report

Pearu Peterson, Simula Research Laboratory
The G3 F2PY for connecting Python and Fortran 90 programs

Bo Kågström, Umeå University
RECSY and SCASY library software: recursive blocked and parallel algorithms for Sylvester-type matrix equations with some applications

Magne Haveraaen, University of Bergen
Coordinate-Free Numerics: All Your Variation Points for Free?
Extended abstract | Slides

Keynote 2: Sverker Holmgren, Uppsala University and Swedish National Infrastructure for Computing
Computational Science and Engineering Software in the Multi-core Era

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