Department of Information Technology

The ASTRA Group on Combinatorial Optimisation

The ASTRA Group focuses on combinatorial (or: discrete) optimisation, which is about finding discrete values for unknowns such that constraints are satisfied and, optionally, a cost is (near-)minimal or a gain is (near-)maximal.

Applications of combinatorial optimisation include personnel rostering under work regulations and employee preferences; scheduling under precedence and resource allocation constraints; vehicle routing under time windows for deliveries or pick-ups; etc.

News from the ASTRA Group

  • Pierre Flener lectures at the ACP Summer School 2017, to be held in Porquerolles (France) in September 2017.
  • Our CP meets Verification workshop series (3rd edition) has merged in March 2017 with the old CSTVA workshop series (7th edition) into the new CSTVA workshop series on Constraint Solving in Testing, Verification, and Analysis, the next edition to be held at CP 2017 in Melbourne (Australia) in August 2017.
  • Pierre Flener and Justin Pearson serve on the Programme Committee of CP 2017, to be held in Melbourne (Australia) in August 2017.
  • Pierre Flener serves on the programme committee of AAAI 2018, the 32nd AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence, to be held in New Orleans (Louisiana, USA) in February 2018.

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