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About the ASTRA group

The ASTRA group works on combinatorial (or: discrete) optimisation. Our focus is on constraint-based approaches, as advocated by constraint programming technology.

The aim is to obtain a high-level modelling language by giving names to combinatorial substructures that commonly occur within combinatorial problems, such as a collection of unknowns being required to take distinct values or the cumulative resource usage of concurrent tasks not exceeding the resource capacity.

On the theoretical side, we identify and algorithmically support new high-level constructs for the declarative modelling of combinatorial problems and the prescription of procedural search, be it systematic or local. Our results are materialised in extensions to open-source solvers.

On the practical side, we apply combinatorial optimisation to hard real-world combinatorial problems in areas such as air traffic management, the testing of software, the configuration of wireless sensor networks, etc. We inform industry of the power of modern tools for combinatorial optimisation.

Want to know more? Examples of the application areas of generic tools for combinatorial optimisation are illustrated on our poster.


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