Department of Information Technology

ASTRA Research

Our research group is concerned with both the theory and the practice of combinatorial optimisation.

Unfortunately, the modern tools and methods of combinatorial (or: discrete) optimisation are mostly unknown outside computing departments, so that many opportunities for better solutions and/or shorter solving times are wasted, especially by the widespread mistaken belief that (NP-)hard problems cannot be solved at all or can at best only be tackled by greedy algorithms or by other sub-optimal algorithms.

Basic Research Projects

On the theoretical side, we address the following research issues:

  • Global Constraints: specification and synthesis; reification; AUTOMATON, CUMULATIVE, and TREE constraints
  • Constraint-Based Local Search: MiniZinc back-end; set variables and set constraints; specification of constraints via automata and monadic existential second-order logic; neighbourhood design; massive instance data
  • Constraint-Based Modelling: string variables and constraints; relation variables; symmetry; the constraint-based modelling language ESRA

Applied Research Projects

On the practical side, we apply combinatorial optimisation in hard real-world tasks:

  • Air Traffic Management, with the European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation (EuroControl): airspace sectorisation; contingency planning; air-traffic complexity resolution in multi-sector planning
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