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Department of Information Technology

4th CeTUSS Workshop

Perspectives on use of Technology in Engineering Education

Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden
December 4 - 5, 2006

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In collaboration with IEEE Nordic Education Society Chapter, the Fourth CeTUSS Workshop will focus on the use of technology in engineering education particularly as seen from the student perspective:

  • Visions about unleashing the potential of the technology of today and tomorrow
  • Learning platforms
  • Specific technology
  • Educational effects of using technology

This workshop addresses the question of how technology can be used in setting up a learning environment. There have been numerous dreams about how technology would revolutionize the education with none yet being fulfilled. The fast growing evolution of technology and the spreading familiarity with using technology, especially among today´s youth, seems to present possibilities for significantly enhancing education. Steps towards the dream of a seamless learning environment, in which technology assists naturally, requires having visions, grasping both technology and education, and an understanding of how technology use effects learning. We are delighted to have Andrew Bernat, executive director of CRA (the Computing Research Association in North America) and former program director of Undergraduate Education at NSF (National Science Education, USA) giving a presentation about his visions concerning use of technology in education.

CeTUSS and the IEEE Nordic Education Society Chapter therefore are organizing this workshop and solicit short abstracts describing presentations and/or demonstrations in the area described above. The workshop is held December 4 - 5.

Submissions should be sent to ] no later than November 3. The language of the workshop, both for presentations and the proceedings, will be English.

Enrolment should be sent to ] by November 17. CeTUSS provides one night accommodation and meals during the workshop and the discussion day for Swedish participants. A fee of EUR50 for meals will be charged for non-Swedish participants.


CeTUSS (Center för Teknikutbildning i Studenternas Sammanhang) is a Swedish national resource center for pedagogical development in engineering education with focus on efforts to integrate societal aspects and a broader range of subject. Education forms where students interact with themselves, other students, teachers, and the community are of special interest. CeTUSS igot it's original funding from the Swedish Council for the Renewal of Higher Education, but the grant holder is now The Swedish National Agency for Higher Education.

More information on the IEEE Nordic Education Society Chapter may be found at

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