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Department of Information Technology

5th CeTUSS Workshop

Disseminating Scholarly Teaching Practice and Work Life Related Skills in Engineering Education

Last minute registrations should be sent to Arnold Pears instead of Ulrika Jaresund who is on holiday.

Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden
October 18 - 19, 2007

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The fifth CeTUSS workshop will have a slightly different format than the previous four. Part of the workshop will be dedicated to reporting on the findings concerning disseminating scholarly teaching practice during the running of CeTUSS, i.e. the CeTUSS model for dissemination. CeTUSS is very much about setting the learning experience in a social context and the other part will focus on issues around professional skills and education:

  • Examples of using work life scenarios in engineering education
  • Learning theories supporting or non-supporting work life scenarios
  • Ill-structured vs. well-structured problem solving
  • Examining work life skills

We are pleased to announce that Michael Caspersen from University of Aarhus will deliver a keynote with the title "Supporting Professional Development of Teachers in Higher Education -- Principles, Challenges, and Experiences" and that Jane Pritchard from our sister organisation in the UK will deliver a second keynote about how they disseminate scholarly teaching practice as inspiration to us all.

CeTUSS and the IEEE Nordic Education Society Chapter are jointly organizing this workshop and solicit short abstracts describing presentations and/or demonstrations in the area described above. The workshop is held October 18-19.
Submissions should be sent to Mats Daniels [] no later than September 28, 2007. The language of the workshop, both for presentations and the proceedings, will be English.
Enrolment should be sent to Ulrika Jaresund [] by October 5.


CeTUSS (Center för Teknikutbildning i Studenternas Sammanhang) is a Swedish national resource center for pedagogical development in engineering education with focus on efforts to integrate societal aspects and a broader range of subject. Education forms where students interact with themselves, other students, teachers, and the community are of special interest. CeTUSS igot it's original funding from the Swedish Council for the Renewal of Higher Education, but the grant holder is now The Swedish National Agency for Higher Education.

More information on the IEEE Nordic Education Society Chapter may be found at

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