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Department of Information Technology

6th CeTUSS Workshop

Engineering Education: Identity & Relevance

Sigtuna, Sweden
June 16 - 17, 2008

Call for Participation
Program - in Swedish
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There are two trends in engineering education in Sweden that are relevant to this workshop; an increasing number of engineering programs and a drop from over 11.000 applicants to close to 6.000 over the last decade. Both trends can be coupled to a need for a clearer identity for engineering programs as well as a discussion about perceptions of their relevance. The sixth CeTUSS workshop addresses three important areas related to perceptions of engineering:

  • Recruitment
  • Retention
  • Workplace skills and professionalism

CeTUSS primary mission is to develop evidence based approaches to teaching engineering emphasising the context and role of engineering as a part of a modern and progressive society. It is further imperative that changes to teaching practice should build on solid foundations, including an understanding of both learning theories and the social setting of the engineering education programs. Systematic change in engineering education nationally requires a combination of evidence and discourse involving actors from all levels, from students, through teachers to administration and political leaders.

This workshop contributes to that dialogue by creating a forum for the key stakeholders to meet and discuss the implications of a significant body of data gathered during a year long course held by CeTUSS 2006-2007. The intention is to critically examine the identity and relevance of engineering education programs and their future development. The data from the course concerns how students, faculty and alumni from 8 major Swedish Universities perceive engineering. An overview of the data and a number of preliminary analyses can be found in the report
"What is the Word for Engineering" in Swedish: Swedish Students Conceptions of their Discipline" The findings will be presented in the light of recruitment, retention, and connection to professions. The implications of the findings will be discussed. The aim of the meeting is to develop strategic initiatives for change.

The workshop is organised and run by CeTUSS (Center för Teknikutbildning i Studenternas Sammanhang,) and the IEEE Nordic Education Society Chapter. The event is sponsored by NSHU (the Swedish Agency for Networks and Cooperation in Higher Education).

There is no fee for the workshop and we pay for the Monday night at Sigtunastiftelsen for those accepted to the workshop.

Enrollment applications should be sent to Mats Daniels by May 30th 2008.


CeTUSS (Center för Teknikutbildning i Studenternas Sammanhang) is a Swedish national resource center for pedagogical development in engineering education with focus on efforts to integrate societal aspects and a broader range of subject. Education forms where students interact with themselves, other students, teachers, and the community are of special interest. CeTUSS got it's original funding from the Swedish Council for the Renewal of Higher Education, but the grant holder for this workshop is NSHU (The Swedish National Agency for Higher Education).

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