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Department of Information Technology


Introduction from Anette Kolmos dealing with goals.

Jonte Bernhardt,

presented a short overview of research methods, looking at the question as the point of departure.
Definition of Research, might have been interesting to look at the definitions adapted
from Glasser.

Erik DeGraff

talked about what are the questions relevant to EER.
Make an inventory of what is known, what needs to be investigated, what defines
Engineering as opposed to specific areas, since the nature of learning might be more strongly
subject based.

Look at drop-out rates.
Evidence based practice.

Carol Arlett and Jane Pritchard, "State of the Art in EER for Europe"

Based in the Eng Subject Center, 500K pound buget annually.
12 staff, a range of activities, (9 effective full time positions).

  • Build a community of practice
  • inventory of existing centers and groups
  • indentify areas of potential collaboration and research.

Presented the project overviews from the WIki, the best way to update information
and coordinate needs to be a focus.

Should we add information to google maps to provide an overview.

We need to work out what is unique to EER as opposed to other areas, what is our unique contribution and how do we draw on related disciplines bothin science and engineering as well as areas like education in order to best achieve this mission.

Lauri Malmi: "EER PhD programmes"

  • Who is the target, who will take such a PhD.
    • New PhD's and also existing professionals who are interested in in service enhancement.
    • What should be included in such courses

Christian Kautz: "Funding Opportunities"

Distributed a short survey to collect the background of the funding of participants in the group.


Nordforsk: 300K NOK/up to 3 years.
Researcher Networks 2009, min 3 nordic countries.

Ålborg, Helsinki, Uppsala, Trondheim?

Grooming of CV's is needed.

TEMPUS: Educational reform and curriculum reform. Does not look that attractive.

Marie Curie INternational Resaerch Staff Exchange Scheme (IRSES)
27th March deadline:
Maybe a relationship with SE/FI/AUS?

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