Coporate Profiles

CATS is a tool for compositional timing and performance analysis of real-time systems modeled using timed automata and the real-time calculus. It is based on an approximation technique in which a timed automaton is abstracted as a transducer of abstract streams described by arrival curves from network calculus. The tool is implemented as a set of plugins for Eclipse Integrated Development Environment.

compositional analysis

Real-time systems are often constructed based on a set of real-time tasks scheduled and executed according to given release patterns. There have been a number of methods and tools developed for timing analysis, e.g., Rate-Monotonic Analysis for periodic tasks, Real-Time Calculus for tasks described using arrival curves, and Times using Timed Automata. Some of these techniques, e.g., implemented in Times can deal with systems with complex release patterns, but do not scale well with system size and complexity; the others are scalable but can not handle systems with complex structures. Our goal is to take the advantages of these existing techniques and develop a tool, that is scalable and also capable of handling complex systems.

tool features

The tool computes the best and the worst case response times of every task for a given task release pattern and a set of computational resources. It does this by analysing abstract streams and resources appearing on the links of its network model. Read the tutorials about: