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Command Line Options

UPPAAL can be executed from the command line using the following command on unix:

uppaal [OPTION] ... [FILENAME]

On windows, the following command can be used (for instance, using "Run" from the Start Menu):

java -jar \path\uppaal.jar [OPTION] ... [FILENAME]

where path is the complete path to the uppaal.jar file (it might also be necessary to specify the complete path to the java executable).

The optional filename refers to a model to be loaded at startup.

The available command line options are:

--antialias on|off
(default on) turns antialiasing on or off in the automata rendering.
--engineName <filename>
The name of verification server (default is server on Unix and server.exe on Windows) to be used by the GUI.
--enginePath <path>
The path to the verification server (e.g. bin-Win32) to be used by the GUI.
Displays a summary of options.
--serverHost <name>
Host name of remote machine running verification server.
--serverPort <no>
Port number used by verification server on remote machine.
--splashScreen on|off
Disables or enables the splash screen.
--exportToEPS templateName
Export the named template to EPS.
--psColors on|off
Selects whether to export automata in color or greyscale EPS.