Import & Export

Importing and exporting OTP/HiPE sources


To import a snapshot from OTP:
  1. Download the snapshot from, using your favourite browser.
  2. Unpack the snapshot. (tar xzf filename)

  3. CD into the created directory and execute:

      ${your_hipe_dir}/bin/ TAG
    Where TAG is taken from the name of the snapshot file; e.g., if the file is ``otp_src_P10B_2004-01-21.tar.gz'' then the tag is P10B_2004-01-21.

  4. Examine the log file to see if there were conflicts (reported at the end of the log), and where (files marked with a "C"). E.g.:
      tail -5 /tmp/import_otp.$USER.log
      grep ^C /tmp/import_otp.$USER.log

    If there were conflicts (there usually are), check out a new, temporary copy using the following command:

      cvs checkout -j TAG-OF-PREVIOUS-IMPORT -j TAG otp
    (The command to use is usually also shown at the end of the log file. The tag of the previous import can be found by doing cvs log on an arbitrary file; the README file being a favourite). Many conflicts will typically be resolved automatically.

    Then edit the files that still contain conflicts (look for "<<<<<<" to find the clashes). You can use the command:

      cvs -n -q update
    (in the newly checked-out copy) to see which files still contain unresolved conflicts.

    When you're done, check in all the modifications with

      cvs ci -m "Resolved merge conflict."
    or similar.

  5. Then you can remove the temporary copy as well as the unpacked OTP snapshot and the snapshot file itself. Finally, you can CD to your normal working copy of OTP and just do cvs update.


Snapshots of HiPE are exported at:

The export can be automatically done by executing:

or if you only want to export the HiPE-specific parts for a minimal snapshot:

Richard Carlsson
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