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Weekly InfoLab meetings

"Fika". Photo by Tim Boyd, Wiki Commons

Every Monday the Uppsala University Information Laboratory meets in room 120, House 19, Polacksbacken. We gather at 15:00 (please have coffee/tea ready: they can be made in the local kitchen), presentations/discussions start at 15:15 and end at 16:00. The meetings are informal, open and no registration is needed, but if you tell us in advance there are higher chances to get some cookies or cakes. You are also welcome if you want to come and talk about something of common interest. The person responsible for organizing the meetings is Davide Vega ( feel free to contact him for any questions.

Week 9 (Feb 26), 2018
Moderator: Axel Lindegren
Clustering temporal networks based on network slicing

Week 8 (Feb 19), 2018
Moderator: Diego Perna (Università della Calabria)
Emerging problems in OSN user behavior analysis: Ranking and learning solutions

Week 7 (Feb 12), 2018
Moderator: Matteo Magnani
Clustering multiplex networks: results of a large comparative study

Week 6 (Feb 05), 2018
Moderator: Nam Nguyen-Hai
Finding patterns in temporal text networks: a project plan

Week 5 (Jan 29), 2018
Moderator: Johannes Henriksson
Clustering temporal text networks: project plan

Week 4 (Jan 22), 2018
Moderator: Matteo Magnani
Presentation of the Spring activities

WINTER BREAK! See you in January!

Week 49 (Dec 4), 2017
Moderator: Georgios Kalamatianos
Retrieving diverse and relevant semantic places from spatial RDF data

Week 48 (Nov 27), 2017
Invited talk by Erik Zeitler at the Database Design II course
(not in House 19)

Week 47 (Nov 20), 2017
Moderator: Davide Vega
Text networks: foundations and structural analysis

Week 46 (Nov 13), 2017
Moderator: Amin Kaveh
Degree in probabilistic networks

Week 45 (Nov 06), 2017
Moderator: Axel Lindegren
Community detection in temporal networks: state of the art

Week 44 (Oct 30), 2017
Moderator: Geraldine Yactayo
Visualization of multiplex networks: experimental evidence

Week 43 (Oct 23), 2017
Moderator: Khalid Mahmood
A NoSQL Data Store for Scalable Log Analysis

Week 42 (Oct 16), 2017
Moderator: David J.T. Sumpter (Dept. of mathematics)
Understanding the effect of algorithms on society

Week 41 (Oct 9), 2017
Moderators: Stephan Brandauer and Dave Clarke (IT department)
Spencer: Deriving Properties of Object Graphs

Week 40 (Oct 2), 2017
IT Department strategy day.

Week 39 (Sep 25), 2017
Moderator: Raazesh Sainudiin (Dept. of Mathematics)
Topic: Characterizing the Twitter networks of prominent politicians and hate groups

Week 38 (Sep 18), 2017
Moderator: Choong Jun Jin (TokyoTech)
Topic: Community Detection in Multilayered Networks via Generative Approaches

During Week 38 we will also host the talks of Prof. Petter Holme and Prof. Tsuyoshi Murata from TokyoTech. More information on the time and place on request.

Week 37 (Sep 11), 2017
Moderator: Geraldine Yactayo
Topic: Visualization of multiplex networks: preliminary ideas

Week 36 (Sep 4), 2017
Moderator: Matteo Magnani
Topic: Research plan and objectives for the Fall 2017

SUMMER BREAK! See you in September.

Week 23 (June 8), 2017
Moderator: Amin Kaveh
Topic: Probabilistic networks

Week 22 (June 1), 2017 CANCELED!
Moderator: Spyros Angelopoulos (Università della Svizzera Italiana)
Topic: patent databases as networks

Ascension break!

Week 19 (May 11), 2017
Moderator: Mikael Dubik
Generalized Louvain algorithm for community detection in multiplex networks

Week 18 (May 4), 2017
Moderator: Kristofer Sundequist (InfoLab)
A Local Perspective on Community Structure in Multilayer Networks

Week 17 (April 27), 2017
Moderator: Attila Szilva (Dept. of Physics)
Modelling opinion dynamics at individual level

Week 16 (April 20), 2017
Moderator: Ginevra Castellano (Dept. of IT)
Activities at the Social Robotics Lab

Easter break!

Week 14 (April 6), 2017
Moderator: Matteo Magnani
Clique-percolation clustering

Week 13 (March 30), 2017
Moderator: Davide Vega
Modeling text networks

Week 12 (March 23), 2017
Moderator: Matteo Magnani
Visualizing interconnected graphs

Week 11 (March 16), 2017
Moderator: Mikael Dubik
The LART clustering algorithm for multiplex networks

Week 10 (March 9), 2017
Moderator: Amin Kaveh
Imperfect information and networks

Week 9 (March 2), 2017
Moderator: Roberto Interdonato (InfoLab)
Novel approaches to local simplification for multilayer networks

Week 8 (February 23), 2017
Moderator: Matteo Magnani (InfoLab)
The Uppsala University Info Lab: presentation and main research themes

Week 7 (February 16), 2017
Moderator: Davide Vega
Mechanism design in multiplex networks

Week 6 (February 9), 2017
Moderator: Davide Vega
Tools to support research

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