Department of Information Technology

The Uppsala University Information Laboratory


The following books can be consulted or borrowed at our lab. They are divided in four main areas: databases, data analysis, network science and information theory.


Abiteboul, Hull & Vianu. Foundations of databases. Addison Wesley.
Aggarwal. Managing and Mining Uncertain Data. Springer.
Elmastri & Navathe. Fundamentals of database systems. 5th, 6th and global editions. Pearson.
Garcia-Molina, Ullman, Widom. Database systems: the complete book. Prentice Hall.
Robinson, Webber & Eifrem. Graph databases. O'Reilley.

Data analysis

Rudas. Handbook of probability. Sage
Tan, Steinbach & Kumar. Introduction to Data Mining. Addison Wesley.
Wierzchon & Klopotek. Algorithms of cluster analysis.

Information Theory

Floridi. Information: a very short introduction. Oxford.
Floridi. Philosophy of information.
Johansson. Philosophy of science for scientists. Springer.
Pierce. An introduction to information theory. Symbols, signals and noise. Dover.
Webster. Theories of the information society. Routledge.

Network Science

Dickison, Magnani & Rossi. Multilayer social networks. Cambridge.
Easley, Kleinberg. Networks, crowds and markets. Cambridge.
Lusher, Koskinen, Robins. Exponential random graph models for social networks. Cambridge.
Newman. Networks. Oxford.
Wasserman & Faust. Social network analysis: methods and applications. Cambridge.

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